2016 Audi A3 warning lights


Engine Start System Malfunction, Automatic headlights System Fault(white indicator)Light/rain sensor, Park (Indicator Orange)w/light/rain sensor, seat belt, Air bag light

After you have it diagnosed and repaired, please post back with the cause and what was done to correct it.


Have the battery checked.

My first thought is a bad body control module. It originally had a 4yr./50k warranty so you might still be covered.

the Dealer told me that AMP Hours was 0.6 and Voltage was 12.58 and the measured 117 a(din) and the charge time was 00:05:00 and the rated has to be 380 A(din) and they told me to buy a battery in order to do a test .

Yes, a bad battery can produce odd effects and you can’t test other stuff until you take care of that. If you’re lucky that’s all that’s wrong.

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I put the battery and the seat belt and air bags show up

A failing alternator can produce all sorts of phantom electrical/electronic problems.
Have the alternator’s output checked a.s.a.p.

I presume you’re saying the seat belt and airbag lights are lit during normal vehicle operation. If so, then you still have a problem. Could be a bad body control module, could be bad sensors. Either way your vehicle isn’t safe. Have a good mechanic look at it.

the car to the dealer they call tech line case #CB 673881 per tech line to replace PODS and perform basic settings , Seat trim and lower cushion to gain Access to remove and replace PODS unit Reassemble in reverse order to ran GFF and they performed basic settings on pass side seat recheck and is OK at this time

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That is the Passenger Occupant Detection System, this switches the passenger airbag off/on depending on the weight of the passenger. Calibration issues and module failures can surface after a battery failure.