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2015 Audi A3 won’t start after low battery light


car wont start after battery low light comes on.

It won’t start because your battery is low. Needs to be recharged or replaced.


Battery checked out fine. alternator tested working fine. car dash lights just go bananas. car still continues to run until stopped and shut off. then wont restart. however a jump will restart car.

How was the battery checked? Lights going bananas points to an issue with the charging system. And again, the car running until stopped then being unable to restart points to the battery not holding enough charge, particularly if a jump is enough to get it restarted. How old is your battery? It might be worth it to just replace it at this point

Anything else you forgot to mention @billnemes?

How was the battery checked? The battery is in the trunk like the A4?

My NEW guess is you have a bad positive or negative battery cable. Not sure which because you didn’t tell us HOW the car was jumped - it matters, BTW. The car is telling you it thinks the battery is bad, you tested it to be “good” so I assume it is, so something between the battery and the car is at fault.

Isn’t this car still under the 4 year, 50K mile warranty?

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Orilie, checked battery and alternator. Battery is under hood and 3 to 4 yrs old. Dealer replaced trany last month.


You don’t seem to realize that it is very, very, very unlikely that anyone answering your question is your neighbor.

We have no idea if Orilie is your sister, a mechanic, or your dog.

I’d guess poor connections at the battery.
Remove the battery terminals, clean them of all corrosion with a wire brush and tighten them back down.


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Could happen, that it was O’reilly.

I am just hoping that the battery wasn’t checked “orally”.
I’m sorry…
The Devil made me type that.

In any event, I suggest that the OP follow Mustangman’s advice.

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