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Air bag light on becuase of something wrong with the battery?

Few weeks ago, the battery light was on.

The owner replaced the old battery with a new one in 2008 before I bought her 2002 Dogdge carvavan.

The battery light has not showed up again a couple days afterwards. However the air bag light stays on when I drive the car.

The air bag has not not used/activated before I bought it.

Is there

***something wrong with the battery ***

and make the air bag light on???

Can I fix it or I have to go the garage find a mechanic to dianostic ?

The air bag light is on because there is a problem the air bag controller has detected and turned the light on. The only fix is to get the controller checked for trouble codes and repair the problem. I cannot tell you what that is, but the system has multiple sensors and multiple air bags that are all monitored by the controller. Any problem with any of them can turn that light on.

This means that your SRS (airbags) is not working. If this safety feature is important to you, then you should get it diagnosed and fixed.

The fact that a ‘battery’ light is on generally indicates a fault in the charging system, rather than the battery itself.

When there is a fault in the charging system, resulting in unusually low or high voltages, it is pretty tough to predict how the car’s computer systems will respond, but it is safe to assume that they won’t be happy. On one of my old cars, the computer that controls the transmission goes nuts when the battery is shot and the system voltage gets irratic.

It is entirely possible that the fault code that set in the airbag system is the result of a transient low or high voltage condition in the car. The trouble is, airbag systems generally will not clear their own codes, no matter how many restarts without any problems. You have to plug in the proper tool to clear the code.

You will have to take this car to a shop (not necessarily a dealer) that has a tool that will read and clear the air bag system code. The general procedure is to clear it and test drive it. If the error code resets and the light comes on again, then you start checking connections and replacing parts.

Have the shop give your charging system a lookover while you are there.

Depending on your airbag system and the nature of the error code, the air bags may or may not deploy in the event of an accident if the light is lit. You have to assume that they will not, so please have this corrected as soon as possible. Click and Clack cannot afford to loose any fans.