2016 Acura MDX - Driver's seat fix. Is it DIY?

my driver side seat does not go up or down > any help or part # to fix my own ?

First check your owners manual to see fuse location, replace if necessary, check if there is a relay. Swap the relay with another compatible relay. If the seat then works, get a new relay.
Then, if the above doesn’t help,
I suggest, if you can get to any connectors under the seat, disconnect and spray with a plastic compatible electronic cleaner such as from CRC. Then reconnect, you might get lucky.


Do you mean the seat back? How do you normally get it to move? Press a button and you hear a motor move it? Or do you hold a release latch and move it to the position you want yourself?

For Petes sake George . The person says the drivers seat will not go up or down . That almost means the seat hieghth adjustment that most power seats have.

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