Car seat won't fold down

When I pull the latch to fold the seat down, there is no tension and nothing happens. I get that there as a problem w/the cable, but adjustments I made to the only cable I can see don’t make a difference. Think I’m probably going to have to take the back of the seat off but worry that I will break some clip and never get it back together.Ideas?

I would take the seat out of the car if it is a bucket seat and turn it upside down and look at it. Most of those mechanism are on the bottom side of the seat. Working that while the seat is still inside the vehicle is next to impossible.

is this a job that a reasonably competent person, not a mechanic, can do?

Are you trying to fold the seat cushion or the seat back?

trying to fold the seat back down flat. Acura wants $450ish to do the cable replacement. Would like to try it myself if it’s reasonably straightforward…