2014 Ford Fusion electronics for driver seat (HELP)

So I need some help finding the correct parts for the electrical under the drivers seat of 2014 Ford Fusion. My brother puppy though it would be a good idea to chew some of the wiring underneath the seat, and now my seat will not move. This is making it quite difficult to figure out what parts I need to fix it, because I can’t get the seat out of the car to see what’s going on underneath. (due to the bolts on the backside of the seat are covered… and the chair wont move.) I included some pictures, if anyone has any idea on what I should do please let me know.

I think what you should do is go to a Ford dealer and get an estimate on what it would cost to have this repaired. Then, if you have comprehensive (all perils) insurance, call your insurance company to see if this is covered.

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There is one motor that moves the seat fore and aft. That motor will have 2 power leads. A 12V jump battery can move the seat so you can get to the bolts. Unhook the car’s battery first. Apply 12vots and a ground to the motor and see which way it moves. Don’t power the airbags or you’ll get a horrible surprise and you’ll need new seat upholstery and an airbag. Does this scare you? Yes? Stop here and take it to the dealer. Otherwise…

If it moves in the right direction, great. Move it until you can get to the bolts. If the wrong direction, reverse the leads and move it until you can reach the bolts. Once out, you can see if you can repair the wires… color-to-color reattachment. Or visit the Ford parts department and see if you can buy a seat harness.

I believe the part number for the seat wiring harness is on that orange and white tag. Search that part number on the internet and see how expensive it is.

I third the suggestion of taking it to a dealer. Insurance typically covers damage caused by hitting a dog but I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if this would be covered.