Car seat problem


I have a 1998 Honda Accord V6.The driver’s seat will move up and down and forward but I can not get the seat back to move.Questions:Any idea on how to fix this?Who would it be best to take it to for repair?What might the cost be?

Many thanks


Does it have power seats or regular seats? If they’re regular, check that the lever is actually still attached and not freewheeling. If it’s power seats, it’s likely a bad motor, which an independent mechanic should have no problem changing. A Honda specialist would be best, but not necessary for this.


If you remove the seat, you will find a broken link or something and you can get the part at a junkyard or another seat. The upholstery can be swapped out in minutes. Hog ring pliars are sold at Wal-Mart or at a fabric shop. You have to cut the old rings off.


It is a power seat.Any idea as to the cost?
Thank you for replying