2015 Toyota Land Cruiser - Lighter socket broken

Lighter socket not working. How can this be fixed please?

Check fuses…

A lot of times people will overload the Power outlets blowing the fuse… Sometimes a penny can fall down in the socket and blow the fuse…

The cigarette lighter fuse is located in the driver’s side fuse block.

I didn’t realize cigarette lighters were even an option in vehicles these days. Years ago when they were a common option, the main failure mode seemed to be the removable part rather than the socket. OP, are you sure the removable part is working? If not, ask your shop to test for an open-circuit in the heating-coil.

Pretty sure the OP means the power outlet, many people continue to call them cigarette lighter,


An automobile auxiliary power outlet (also known as car cigarette lighter or auxiliary power outlet [1])


The Land Cruiser has both a cigarette lighter and power outlets.


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Car technical information is definitely confusing. Even applies to my 30 year old Corolla. the repair manual terminology for some model years in that era refer to the front disc brakes “anti-rattle shims” for the 1992 model year, but for other nearby years, for what appears from the drawing to be exactly the same part is referred to as a “support strut”.

Both my truck and Corolla are equipped w/traditional cigarette lighters. I don’t smoke, but I still push them in once in a while just to see if they are still working … lol

They seem to be prone to a momentary short circuit (thus a blown fuse) when some things are being plugged in or unplugged.