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2015 Toyota Camry hesitates when accelerating

My question is When i drive my car , and am on the highway, and am going , lets say 55miles, then i accelerate to go faster, usually hesitates for 5, 10 seconds then go back to normal . It feels like its coming from the back tires. Why is this hesitation when am trying yo accelerate to go faster… I on my own i have tryed fuel injection cleaners and have changed my Air filter… Maybe i need a allignment ?

Your vehicle is front wheel drive so that takes the rear tires out. Alignment has nothing to do with hesitation . If you are in the US many parts stores will read for codes. Post the codes if you have any. Also a Google search will explain the codes better than the parts house counter person. If you are not mechanically inclined as I suspect you should probably have an independent shop look at your vehicle.

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