Slow To Go

I have a 95 Toyota Camry. When I accelerate from a complete stop, it’s like some part of the engine isn’t getting the memo right away that I want to accelerate. The car goes, but struggles to pick up speed…no matter how far I push the pedal to the floor. Add a hill to the mix and it really gets frustrating. But once it gets just a little bit of speed going, it picks up and goes pretty well for a 15 year old car. Once it warms up it does a little it does better. And in the winter it’s a bit more pronounced. Accelerating on the highway is never a problem either. It’s just a lack of response when I first try to hit the gas. There’s never been a check engine light. I’ve done some of the basic maintenance (sparkplugs, air filter, fuel injection cleaner, fluids, etc), but no luck. I’ve been offered some suggestions, but don’t want to waste money guessing. I keep thinking it’s one “simple” little part that needs replaced like maybe the oxygen sensor or something like that, but I’m no mechanic. Any suggestions where to start. Let me know if I need to provide any more info. Thanks for any advice.

I did not see fuel filter on the list.

You’re correct. I haven’t replaced the fuel filter. That was another option I thought of, but wasn’t 100% sure since the car goes fine except when it’s “cold” and just starting off from a dead stop. Once it runs for a little while it usually does a little better. And it always does great going down the road. But again, I’m no mechanic. I appreciate your input, I’ll definitely keep it on the list of things to consider.

OK. Fuel Filter replaced. Problem persists. Any other suggestions.