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1994 4 cyl Camry

Help!I have spent $3000 trying to get an answer to my question. My camry is hesitating when I stop at lights and still in drive, or when I back up. 3 times it has stalled at stop lights sometimes stalls when backing up. In neutral or park it runs smooth, while driving it is fine. I have a new gas filter, new oxygen sensor, new seals where the spark plugs sit. Transmission flush, etc., etc. Oh, it only does it when the car has warmed up, never when it is cold.Please, any ideas? I drive my grandsons around, and it is scaring me!

In all of these repairs, have you had the throttle body cleaned? If you will be having a throttle body cleaning, have the mechanic pay especial attention to cleaning out the Idle Air Control pintle and passage. Also he/she can check the operation of the IAC and troubleshoot the IAC motor if it is not working correctly.

Hope that helps.