2015 Nissan Altima - Thumbs up or down?

No problem need advice thinking of buying a 2015 Nissan Altima but it has 130,000 miles looks and drives like a brand new car.im very concerned about the mileage please help (should I or shouldn’t I)???

This car could need a transmission replacement in the near future, these don’t have the greatest track record. Is there any service history? It’s slightly high mileage for Altima’s of this vintage compared to the other examples on sale in this area.

We recently bought a 2015 Mazda with 115,000 miles on it.

I read over the Carfax throughly for details about the car’s “life”. I know Carfax isn’t perfect, but it was all I had. What I determined was the car was used primarily for some sort of high mileage highway activity, like delivery or perhaps sales. I also noted that the maintenance was done regularly and on a schedule.

So while 115K miles in 5 years is a lot…to me it depends on what “kind” of miles they are, city vs highway. Your results may vary…but this is the 3rd higher mileage car I’ve bought using this approach, and it’s worked for me. You have to both have access to and study the history of the car, though, to make an informed decision.

Good luck.

same as @wolyrobb I would be mostly concerned about CVT reliability of Nissan in general - this is their weak spot, the cost to replace is around 4 grand, the rest of the car seems to age more or less gracefully

I used to have 4 Altimas and 2 Sentras in my family over last 20 years and 3 of these (late models) had CVTs…

3 “old-gen” cars made it well into around 150K where I sold them and they were going strong with minimal repairs

3 “new-gen” cars with CVTs had troubles with transmission, one complete failure and two in pre-failure state, which triggered me trading them off

130K miles on CVT-based Nissan?
sounds like somebody wants to unload the car before CVT fails :frowning:

early failure signs are:

  • whirring/droning sound, especially when driving car on high speed under load (fluid overheats, you hear chain slippage) - very easy to spot during hot months, it is overheating related
  • engine stalling after aggressive stop
  • on acceleration RPMs surge, but you do not get the “kick”, vehicle is slow to increase the speed