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2017 Nissan Altima - Problems ahead?

I just bought this used. I think it was a rental fleet car(Enterprise), and it has 149,000 miles on it. What “fun” things I have to look forward to?

149000 miles , is that a misprint ? Look forward to , who knows . Just hope for the best and I hope you got this real cheap.

The '17 Altima has not had enough time to reveal its long-term issues, but the transmission has a few complaints so far. Check this out.

Wow! Enterprise doesn’t have an Altima near me with more than 74k. Fleet rentals are usually well maintained but if the car was a lease all bets are off.

Having to replace their quality CVT’s is certainly something to save up for .

Actually, they are… adequately… maintained, in most cases.
I think it is a giant stretch to state that rental cars are “well maintained”.

Additionally, in view of how many people drive them–with disinterest–for short periods of time, existing problems can go unaddressed, simply because the renters don’t bother to report problems that they noted.

Which means they’re probably maintained much better than the average individually owned vehicle that only receives attention when something breaks.

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Other than the CVT, I expect there won’t be many other problems in the near term. The 149K number on a 3 year old car isn’t a problem from my perspective anyway b/c it means the car has probably been driven on the freeway a lot. Freeway miles are usually very easy on the car. For the CVT, be sure at the minimum to follow Nissan’s service maintenance schedule. Probably best to follow their “severe service” schedule for the transmission.

Just curious, but surely you did not buy this car from the actual rental agency did you? I don’t see a rental car accumulating that many miles before it’s replaced with a new one.

Just a gut feeling but I suspect there’s a story behind this thing and proper maintenance may be a forgotten catch phrase. Hopefully not and things will work out.

I guess the rental company car lots I’ve looked at, there’s one on my usual walk-about route, 80 & 90 K miles isn’t that uncommon, but over 140k? I don’t think I ever saw one w/that many miles. Best to take my comments in the light that I probably only noticed the number of miles on a dozen or so of those cars. It seems like most of those ones I noticed are somewhere in the range of 45 to 65K miles.

I don’t believe they would allow you to snoop though rental cars, you must be looking at used cars on the rental agency lot, they do take in trades. Some of the high mileage vehicles might be fleet lease returns but the older vehicles are likely trade-ins.

There’s no cars for rent on this lot. These are cars that used to be for rent, but now retired from their rental duties. You are correct that some of them may be trade-ins, not retired rental cars at all, but most of them I see on that lot are newish-looking and familiar rental car make/models.

Seems to depend on the rental company, Enterprise sells their Altma’s with 45,000 miles at most, but you can find cars on the Avis lot with 85,000 miles if not more on them. At lest at the Seattle location.

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That’s my experience too. Things may be different in fabulous Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is where my parents gave back the Hyundai Accent rented from budget when transmission warning lights lit up, thankfully before they left Vegas. They were given a Toyota Corolla as a replacemnt and had no further issues on their trip to the Grand Canyon and back.

Why worry about it now? You already bought the car. ENJOY it !!!

Nissan’s CVT is the only known problem. Supposedly cured by 2015 or so,
I’d go to a Nissan-Club site and ask around there.

2017 is Nissan’s gen-3 CVT, started in 2013 and it shows on the complaints rates

supposedly their gen-2 was fixing the problems of gen-1, yet I happen to incur CVT problems on both 2007 and 2012 we used to own

I would not hold my breath for gen-3 to be trouble-free, given Nissan CVT history

the best to do now for the owner is to make sure CVT fluid is religiously replaced every 30K miles and hope for the best