2014 Chevrolet Traverse - Rear vision failure

“Service rear vision system” has popped up and I’ve been unable to use my backup up camera for close to a year now. Not sure if it’s a fuse issue or electrical issue that I need to take in and have checked out.

It might just need a software update. A dealer is your best bet.

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If you didn’t have the use of it for more than a year, do you really need it now?


If it’s a fuse, you can check it yourself. The owners manual should have a list of fuses and the systems they interrupt. There may not be one dedicated to the backup camera, but you should be able to figure out what system it is part of. There are usually spare fuses in the fuse bank. If there isn’t one for this application, you can switch fuses to see if functionality returns. This assumes you can’t tell from inspection that it is broken. Fusible links probably need to be replaced and can’t be switched.

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