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2013 Hyundai Sonata - Rear camera issue

When doing reverse, the camera goes with a message Rer camera is not available white camera is on safety. What can be done I need my rear view when backing up.

Software issues often require a trip to the dealership to repair. However, your rear view mirror and side mirrors should also be effective at helping you see where you’re going when you back up. They work quite well in my Camry :wink:


I don’t want to be the mean one but, people have been backing up for lots of years without a camera. Technology is nice but does not replace knowing how to drive.


There are a couple of possibilities. First, the camera has failed or perhaps isn’t getting power; second, there’s a problem with the head unit; and third there’s a wiring/communication problem. You or a shop can connect a replacement camera and see if the problem stops. If the problem persists, you can move on to the next piece of the puzzle. Car audio shops replace and install backup cameras.