2015 Land Rover LR4 - Dirty tubes?

2015 LR4 leaks from Air Bag section around sunroof, sunvisor and down into floorboard. Tubes were cleaned 2 years ago and now floods during rain and occasional car wash

Sound’s like the drain’s need cleaned out again.


That’s what they are doing for the second time. Car has 41,000 miles and this is getting old and expensive even thought under certified preowned warranty.

Emily Burgess

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Land Rovers are not cheap to buy, own or maintain. These vehicles are not very reliable. Things will only get more expensive.


It wasn’t the previous owner that let the debris into the sun roof water trough. Keep the sun roof closed when parked, clean the drip trough periodically.


I had heard that the only time a Land Rover did not leak was when it was empty, I thought this meant the engine, did not realize it included body parts also


No surprise for an LR4…