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2014 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque - Leaks

I purchased my 2014 Evoque in 2019. The car’s maintenance records confirm it has always been serviced by Land Rover since it was new. After about 11 months of owning the car, my windshield began leaking across the entire front top from the drivers side to the passenger’s side. After doing some research, I see this is a known problem with Land Rover. However, my car if out of warranty and the VIN is not covered on the recall. My local dealership, where I have also had it serviced, is unwilling to help. Is anyone having this same issue?

Susie , it does not matter if anyone else has this problem . You do and you are out of warranty so start calling auto glass shops . Tell them your problem and see if they have an answer . It could be as simple as replacing the windshield and sealing it properly.