2017 Land Rover Discovery - Sunroof leaks

Bad water leak through sunroof area

There are tons of YouTube videos on how to clear sunroof drains and if that does not do it any body shop can see if the seals are bad. It might be worth while to call your dealer to see if possible warranty coverage.


Here’s one of the many how-to vids on clearing sunroof drains from the folks at BestRide.

2017? What’s the dealer say? Not a warranty issue??


For most sunroofs, it’s not a dealer “free” repair. The “seal” won’t prevent this. As said earlier, there are usually 2 or more drain tubes. They plug and water drips inside. For home, buy some insulated wire (around 16 ga) and run it down the hole and flush with water. An 8’ length will do for most cars.

This goes back for decades. Our '66 VW bus had the same problem with the same solution.

Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I’ll try the wire route through the drain holes. Dealer said they’d be glad to fix it. My issue is I live on Nantucket Island. Ferry doesn’t have availability to transport Disco to mainland until end of July. I’ve had a cover over it when it rains. :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Although I’ve never done this, I’ve heard that string trimmer line works well for this. With the wire, I’d be concerned about the sharp metal point catching on the tube and possibly making a hole if you push too hard.

Don’t use a insulated wire of any kind . As Lion says the string trimmer plastic cord is best because it will not jam in a bend of the drain if there is one. Also I have cleared air conditioner drains with low air pressure . If by chance you are a little leery of doing this yourself see if there is a mobile mechanic who might come to you.

Could the wand of a can of computer duster be taped to the drain opening? Same danger of using compressed air, but more available. Do any Land Rover forums offer advise on this issue?