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2015 Kia Rio - Fumes

Strong smell of exhaust fumes coming through heater blowing vents when stationary in Kia ceed.
Car just serviced by Kia , replaced fuel filter and heater plugs

I would suspect an exhaust leak. Have a good shop inspect it and see what they find.

What is ( KIA ceed ) supposed to be ? If this problem was there before you had work done why did you not have them solve it ? If it started after the work then you need to call them . But exhaust fumes can kill you so either stop driving or at least have a couple of windows open on your way to a shop.

Thank you
What is a Kia ceed ???
Strange question

Why is that a strange question ? You wrote it and I have no idea what a KIA ceed is .

A Kia ceed is a vehicle produced by Kia motors . Several models available along with a Kia Rio ,Soul , Sportarge , Sonic , Venga

Then you must not be in the US as most of the members here are US based so we have no idea what a Ceed might be called here if there even is one .

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Easy to see what a Kia Ceed looks like, there is a certain search engine that one person recommends to find answers.

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The Kia Cee’d (or just Ceed) is a model sold in Europe. I would presume the OP is there as well. Not surprising a US forum wouldn’t know about it. Kia Ceed: Latest News, Reviews, Specifications, Prices, Photos And Videos | Top Speed (Oops! We cross posted.)

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Another question: what are heater plugs? Does the car have a diesel engine with what we in the US call glow plugs?

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The Kia Cee’d is a 3 or 5 door hatchback.

The US doesn’t buy hatchbacks anymore so it isn’t sold here. Heck, VW will stop selling the Golf in the US.

That’s true, but the Ceed isn’t sold in Asia, or South America, or Africa–where one would think that small hatchbacks would be popular. For some reason, that model is sold only in Europe.

There’s an optional 1.6 liter diesel available so this car could well have one.

The Ceed is a Kia model that is only sold in Europe.

Whether it is a Ceed or any other model it is just a Kia. If you can work on a Rio hatchback or an Accent you should be able to repair a Ceed.

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Did they change the oil ?

Could be they spilled some onto the exhaust.

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