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Kia sportage 2002 problem

I own a kia sportage 2002, and has a strong smell of gasoline when we turn on the switch of the heat blower inside of the truck, the mechanic has said is a defective injector,another one wants to take down the gas tank, and I visually inspected probable causes, as hoses etc. what do you recomend me to do> besides take it to the dealership. thank you, erasmo g.

when i first got my sporage it smelled awful when it was started in the morning when i took it back to the dealer ( a week after i bought it) they found a bent hose and fixed it. not sure if yours is the same problem but check all the hoses again

It’s more likely to be a faulty injector than a problem with the gas tank. Did the mechanic who suggested a faulty injector test the injector, or is it just a guess?