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2001 Kia Sportage ? smells like gas?HELP!

Hello All!

About 3 weeks ago, my 2001 Kia Sportage started smelling like gas right after I filled the tank. I though, perhaps, I?d stepped in some gas and tracked it into my car, or it was some other user error. Another reason I thought this may be the problem is because the gas smell is worse when I have the heat blowing on the floor (activating the gas particles that I?d previously tracked in). But after 3 weeks, I thought the smell would be on the decline. So I smelled the carpets, and for everything they do smell like, gas is not one of the smells.

This the smell was horrid! I turned the car on to defrost the windows?in Southeast Virginia snow is rare, therefore the need to pre-drive defrost is, as well?I could smell the gas the moment I walked back outside to get into the car. The smell of gas inside the car was even worse than on the outside! Clearly, I need a professional to check this out. But before I commit myself to an astronomical mechanics bill, does anyone know what the problem may be?! I haven?t seen any gas leaking onto the driveway/street/parking spots, and my gas levels don?t indicate that there is a leak.


I think you should not drive the car until you know what is going on. The gas leak is likely in the engine compartment and the fresh air vent at the base of the windshield is drawing the gassy air from the engine compartment inside your car. Gas vapor is explosive, very dangerous stuff. A running motor means electricity and spark potential, with gas vapor available this is very dangerous combo.

It only takes a small leak to make a lot of smell. Sometimes the gas “rails” that supply the fuel injectors can crack. But there are lots of other areas for potential gas leaks exist too.

Be safe, have the car towed to a mechanic.

I’m inclined to agree with UncleTurbo. There is obviously a gasoline leak somewhere, and it’s getting worse. I suggest having the vehicle transported on a flatbed, or towed, to a mechanic. Why risk a vehicle fire?

Thanks for all the help! I’m droping the car off at the dealership tonight, and lets just hope the bill isn’t too bad. Will post what the actual problem is incase other are having a similar issue!