New car STINKS

I recently purchased a new Kia Rio and it STINKS! The “new car” smell is horrendous and is causing me respiratory distress. The dealership says the smell is common and will go away after a few HUNDRED miles! The way I drive, that will take a year. Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do?

Dealer is correct. Keep the windows open. I might also suggest using a plain soap to wash down the surfaces of the inside of the car.

Cars vary with this. On car parked for a few weeks in the sun will be a lot worse than one driven once or twice a day under the same conditions.

Good Luck

Was this a vehicle that was built overseas then shipped to the US? If so, then what you’re smelling is the sealant they put on the car when they put it on the boat so the salt air doesn’t get inside everything and start to rust it out prematurely.
Only suggestion is to fill the tank up, hop on the freeway, pick a direction, and don’t stop until you need fuel again, then drive back. By the time you get back(or even stop for gas), the smell should be gone.

edit: I see edmunds lists the Rio as being built in South Korea, so my assumption should be correct

Thank you.