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2015 Kia Optima trunk pops open

how do you fix the trunk opening up on it’s own after being wet and then dry. Only time it doesn’t open is when it’s locked. Hard to drive… please help!


What to you mean by that? Does the trunk pop open on its own after a rain-shower once it becomes dry? I’d say water is getting in and shorting the remote lock mechanism, cause it to trigger the remote truck actuator.

Soo… it is a trunk, with a remote opening feature. Are you saying it also has a secondary lock that defeats the remote opening feature? Is it mechanical - on the key lock itself? Or a switch you throw to “lock” it?

Need a little help here…

my 2015 kia optima also has a randomly opening trunk issue. it just pps open whenever. its been in the shop for a month now without any fix. they replaced the latch and door switch. nothing worked yet.

The Smart Trunk on your KIA isn’t smart anymore.

The BCM controls the Smart Trunk.