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2008 Chevrolet Impala trunk won’t open, rear lights went out

My trunk want open also my back lights went out the right one first then left a week after

The rear lights and trunk release are both controlled by the Body Control Module.


Did you check the related fuses?

When you say the trunk won’t open, do you mean with the remote button or with the key, or both?

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Excellent question!

Also, in regard to…

… after 12-13 years, it would not be at all unusual for the original bulbs to simply burn out. And, if both bulbs were the same age, it wouldn’t be very surprising for them to burn out within one week of each other.

My suggestion is for the OP to first tackle the trunk problem, which could be as simple as replacing the battery in the key fob, or which might require a locksmith. Once he is able to open the trunk, he can remove those bulbs and see if the filaments are still intact. If they are indeed burned out, then he doesn’t need to check fuses or look into a bad BCM.

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