2015 Kia Forte - Huge blast of smoke

I was driving my 2015 Kia on a long trip recently. I had been driving for a while without stopping, probably over 4 hours. Also, I had probably had the cruise control on for at least 30 minutes. I accelerated to try and pass someone and the exhaust let out a huge blast of smoke. The car also hesitated. The smoke lasted maybe 30 seconds, but was not as thick as that original blast. It was not very dark in color. I had no problem after that and have had no smoke whatsoever since then. Can anyone tell me what happened or what the problem is. Thanks.

Almost certainly still under warranty. Worth having checked.

… as long as the OP is the original owner. IIRC, the Powertrain Warranty period is cut in half for the next owner.

With the vehicle sitting parked for several hours (or overnight), I’d certainly check all under hood fluids (engine oil, coolant, *transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid), if you have not already done so.

*Transmission fluid will probably need to be checked with the vehicle at operating temperature following procedures found in the owner manual. Some vehicles don’t provide a checking method.

I think the emissions control system warranty might help here. Maybe not.