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2016 Hyundai Tucson - Engine blew

Engine blew a rod at 70,000 miles. Well maintained original owner.

I don’t see a complaint exactly like yours but that doesn’t mean anything. Since you bought it new it’s under warranty. Unfortunately stuff happens.

That 100K mile Hyundai warranty is sure handy!


get it fixed. It’s under warranty.


This (original) post is meaningless without some details.
Turbo or not turbo?
Maybe the crankcase ran dry.

Still under 10 year 100000 mile powertrain warranty . Get it replaced then if you arent happy with it then ditch it . Should be no problem getting it fixed if it has been maintained by the Hyundai dealer .


Sometimes there just too much left to the imagination

a few more crumbs would be helpful

If you have the 2.4 Theta II engine, then Hyundai might give you a replacement engine even if you are not under warranty.


“Well maintained” would surely include following the admonition from the Owner Manual, Owner Maintenance section, that clearly states…

"Owner Maintenance Schedule

When you stop for fuel:

• [Check the engine oil level.]

• Check coolant level in the engine coolant reservoir.

• Check the windshield washer fluid level.

• Check for low or under-inflated tires."

Is that correct? You did check oil at fuel stops?
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It came only with the 2.0 Nu or the turbo 1.6 Gamma.


Sorry, you are correct. But if the poster is the original owner, would still be warrantied

You trying to be a smart alec . . . ?!

Maybe op’s definition of well maintained means checking all those things you mentioned every weekend at home . . . as many of us are known to do


you actually do that each time you fill-up your tank?


+1. Since I usually stop for gas at night visibility is poor anyway. I check oil, fluids, battery cables, etc. once a week with the car in the driveway.

That’s what I do . . . and it makes more sense than checking that stuff at the filling station

If I check that stuff at the filling station, I’ll just be there longer, which will make people waiting for me to get done that much angrier

At home, there’s nobody waiting for me to hurry up, and I have all the fluids at hand, along with the air compressor, if needed


I’m fortunate in that while I keep supplies on hand (no compressor though) I also live a block from a gas station and our regular mechanic is across the street from that. If anything is amiss I have access to resources.

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Wow! Don’t Taze me, Bro! This Car Talk Community is a rough neighborhood! :laughing: You need some of our sunshine!

Smart Alec? No, not at all…
First, we have never had a reply from the O.P. and we are operating on extremely limited information.

Second, this car could be over 4 1/2 years old and we know nothing of the driving/parked times of the vehicle. It’s feasible that it consumes some oil.

Third, should a dealer find that the car was starved of lubricant (engine oil) and everything else is in order, I’m pretty sure they might suspect an owner did not maintain oil level properly.

I’m trying to get the O.P. to respond and fill in some blanks for us and one thing I’d like to know is the frequency of oil checking. Many people with good intentions, who have all maintenance servicing done in a timely fashion, trust that the oil level will remain adequate between maintenance oil changes. We have seen that type of thing before on this forum. Just looking for a starting point for an actual discussion, that’s all.

No, I suppose I actually check more often than that. On trips to and from Florida (one trip every 6 months), 1500 miles one-way, almost straight through, I definitely, positively do check at every gas stop!

However, we don’t drive much here in Florida. Everything is close by and we spend a lot of time on bicycles, rather than driving. We’re either playing golf (nearly every day), riding bikes to the gulf beaches, or walking to the pool. It’s often quicker and certainly more fun to leave the cars parked. So, every week I check all fluids on our cars, rather than waiting a full tank of gas.

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Don’t forget to check the oil on your golf cart :grinning:

Mine’s a push cart, but the pro shop’s riding carts are all EVs, very quiet and pretty quick!
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Wish I would have thought of that. May I use that myself when the bruises heal? Then again getting hit with nerf arrows doesn’t do much permanently.