2015 Hyundai Sonata - How reliable

I just bought a 2015 Hyundai sonata Sport with 44,001 miles. I have just a simple question, how reliable are Hyundai’s? What should I be looking out for?

Kinda late to be asking that question . Just keep service schedule up to date and hope for the best just like any used vehicle. Just because one vehicle had a problem does not mean they all do .


+1 to @VOLVO_V70 ! The time to ask your question is before you buy the car, not after.

One of our partner sites, CarComplaints, stamps that year, make and model with the “Beware of the clunker” warning. You asked…


The only way to gauge a used car’s forecasted reliability is to have it inspected by your mechanic before you buy it.

Nobody can predict the reliability of four-year-old car with unknown maintenance history based on the year, make, and model alone.

Good luck with it, and make sure you have your mechanic inspect your next used car BEFORE you buy it.

Is the “Sport” a trim line of the Sonata?
For the Sonata, the latest Consumer Reports gives the 2015 Sonata an above average reliability rating for what it’s worth.
What I did in my used car buying days was to put a sum of money in an easily accessible account which would draw interest. I would use this account for auto repairs. I would put a little money in this account each month. Today, I would put $1000-1500 in the account and then put in $50-75 in the account each month. If you have expensive repairs, the money is there. If not, you have money for your next vehicle purchase.
I have no idea what a Hyundai Sonata is like. My only experience driving a Sonata was back somewhere around 2005. I was headed to a conference where I was to make a presentation. My research partner was on the faculty at another institution about 60 miles away. It was another 150 miles to the city where the conference was held. My institution had signed out all the vehicles in its fleet, so the institution rented a Hyundai Sonata for me. I was running late to pick up my research partner and I didn’t really check out the features of the car. I thought the front seat was terribly uncomfortable. The seat back leaned back at too great an angle and was too low. I pulled up on a lever, but it didn’t do any good. I got out on the interstate and couldn’t believe how slow the other vehicles were going. I was passing everything. I finally realized that on the Sonata, 80 was at the top of the speedometer. On my vehicles, 60 was at the top. I thought I was going 65-70 and was really going 85-90. When I realized I was misreading the speedometer, I dropped down to the speed limit.
I picked up my research partner and we both found the driver’s seat terribly uncomfortable. We traded off about every 50 miles.
After the conference, we had a meal at a wonderful German restaurant and headed back home. I decided to be a nice guy and drive the first 100 miles to the rest stop at the state line. When we got to the rest stop, and my colleague was using the facilities, I decided to check out the seat as I couldn’t believe anyone made a seat that uncomfortable. What I discovered was another lever that adjusted the seat back and the lever I had been pulling up actually was supposed to be pumped up and down to raise the seat. After we adjusted the seat, we found the Sonata quite comfortable to drive. However, our problems weren’t over. We began to get an alcohol smell in the car. I suspected a leaking heater core. We had a leak all right, but it wasn’t the heater core. We had each purchased a jug of craft beer at the German restaurant and one of the jugs had tipped on its side and was leaking around the cap. My advice to the OP is to make certain you know how to adjust the seat and if you buy a jug of beer, be sure the cap is screwed on tight.
In my opinion, you will probably be fine with your Hyundai Sonata.

For what it’s worth, I leased a 2017 Sonata on August of 2016. Aside from the infamous Hyundai software update that’s been detailed in other threads, the car has been flawless. It currently has 12,500 miles on it. Lease ends this coming August, so I’ll have no idea of long term reliability.

Hey guys,
I want to make something clear. First thanks for the responses. However to bring clarify I DID do research before I bought the car! I was very very thorough on my purchase! I’m not a moron! The reason I went on this site was because I heard this was a reliable source, also I have started to hear unknown noises in the car that I didn’t find during my exstensive research.

Which makes me wonder why you are asking how reliable the vehicle is since you did all that research.
You should find out what your warranty coverage is as the second owner.

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Would have been nice to know that in the original post.

Now that you own it, make sure you take proper care of it. When was the last time the oil was changed? What about the engine and cabin air filters? If you bought it from a dealer, these items might be new. If you bought it from a private party, I’d doubt they changed them recently. Oil color doesn’t usually indicate it needs to be changed. Since this car is new to you, black oil should mean to change it immediately since you can’t be sure when it was changed.

Nobody thinks you’re a moron. You don’t have to be a moron to buy a used car without having it inspected by your mechanic beforehand.

As far as reliable sources go, a mechanic who you are paying to inspect a potential used car is a lot more reliable than strangers in an automotive forum.

This is a great place for help troubleshooting and repairing cars. It’s not the best place to go for emotional support to help resolve any feelings of buyer’s remorse.

I am tempted to tell you that you bought the most unreliable vehicle on the planet. You need something to worry about. If you didn’t have anything to worry about, you would worry about not having anything to worry about.
Seriously, it seems as though you did your homework and you chose wisely. Drive on and quit worrying. You will probably get many miles of satisfactory service from your Sonata.

Hey Car Talk,
Thanks, I appreciate the info!! Actually glad I asked!!

Please define your “research”

Please don’t take this the wrong way . . . in my opinion, unless you paid a fee to log onto the Hyundai technical website, or Alldata, Chilton, Mitchell, Identifix or another professional automotive information website . . . your research was insufficient

Only if you do what I mentioned will you gain access to the same information that the dealership guys have, such as technical service bulletins, recalls, and so on.