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2018 Hyundai Sonata - How reliable?

how has reliability been so far, and what do you regret about buying it?

I leased a 2017 Sonata in August 2016. I was impressed enough with the car that I leased another Hyundai this past August.

Just curious , why the question ? Are you thinking about buying a 2018 Sonata ? If so I would wonder why it was back on a lot this soon. Do you have one ? This is one of those things I don’t understand . I really don’t care how anyone feels about a vehicle like I have. All I care about is how we feel about it.

We’ve bought two vehicles that had been on short term leases. The vehicles were turned in at the end of the lease. More information from the OP would help.

sorry dude I’m new to the website and I probably filled in my question in the wrong place. Replying to a Volvo thread when I was just asking a general question about sonatas and what people thought about them. My apologies.

@VOLVO_V70 is the name of one of the posters. This is not a Volvo thread, it’s the Hyundai thread you started. Sorry for the confusion.

You can use the forum search feature here to see posts we’ve had here about Sonatas. As I recall there haven’t seen an over-abundance of Sonata problems. About the same as most econobox sedans. At least for the ones less than 10 years old. As they reach the 10 year mark Hyundai’s in general seem a little more problematic than the big 3 — Toyota, Honda, Mazda. Another good source for reliability information is the Consumer Reports Used Car Guide.

Sonata - Econobox sedan ? Good Grief , Not even close to being an econobox .

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Some people think anything short of BMW is an econobox. I never got that impression from Mr. San Jose before, though. :wink:

Cars that are only 1-2 years old don’t usually display serious reliability issues, but I can report the following info, from Consumer Reports’ most recent listing of vehicle reliability data:

The '18 Sonata is listed as being “much better than average” in regard to everything except “body hardware” (window, lock, seat, sunroof mechanisms). For “body hardware”, that model is just rated “better than average”.

The Sonata had a major design change in 2015, so the '15-'18 models have a lot in common. The data for the various “systems” on that model differs a bit from year to year (most areas are “much better than average”, a few random ones are just “better than average”) , but the only model year with “average” overall reliability was the '17 model. The '15, '16, and '18 model years are all rated “better than average” in terms of overall reliability.

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Re: Is the Sonata an econobox?

Sonata $22,650, Corolla $19,600, Civic $19,750

Sonata MPG: 28 city / 37 highway, Corolla 31/40, Civic 32/42

Sonata Horsepower: 178, Corolla 139, Civic 158

Not much difference imo.

Where do you place the Accent and Elantra?

In alphabetical order? Before the Sonata.