Opinions on 2010 Hyundai Sonatas?

Thinking about purchasing a 2010 Sonata. If anyone still has one and can let me know how they like it that be great.

Have a mechanical inspection done. Others opinions don’t matter, just yours and whoever else might be involved in the purchase.

Exterior door handle falling off is the only problem on this car.A mechanical inspection is a must.

The 2010s had few problems other than the one Corollaguy1 points out above. The 2011s had many more issues. Check out the list at CarComplaints if you want to see for yourself the common areas of trouble. The site gives this year and model its “Seal of Awesome.” Always have the exact one you want to buy checked like Volvo_V70 and everyone else always advises.

Hey John, I think that this OP was at carcomplaints first and ended up here because of the recent linking arrangement. That may be why posts like this are so vague.

Ahh. I’m still working to keep up. Thank you for pointing that out. I thought those posts had a slightly different look.

i seem to see the 06-08 V6 models with bum motors for sale more often than the 4cyl versions. dont know if they resolved any V6 durability issues with newer sonatas?

Consumer Reports says 2010 was the last year before a major redesign, and says it has overall average Owner Reliability, with Paint/Trim and Body Hardware much worse than average.

Several members of our hiking group bought them and appeared to have no problems. Two members owned GM cars and found the Hyundais significantly better.

There re a number of sources of info, but Consumer Reports Used Car Guide is one of the better.