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Any reviews on a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport (non turbo)

Just bought me one so just looking for anything worry some? Any complaints?

Well, @“Toyota forever” I hate to break the news that Sonata is not a Toyota!

You can look on and and also a lot of youtube videos. I happen to have a 2013 (wife’s car) it is the previous generation, but I also test drove the 2015. For the price it is a very fine sedan, very quiet and from my short drive, better handling and brakes compared to the Camry. The base trim does not have rear view camera which is a negative compared to the Camry.

The previous gen has had some issues with premature engine failure and they have extended the warranty. It was initially the 2011-12 models but we also got a letter for our 2013. I think the 2015 has the same engine but I am not sure if the problem with the engine assembly was addressed.

By the way we bought out 2013 as a CPO with 20K miles on it, currently at 40+K miles without any issues. But my expectations are more, so we shall see.

Purchase a vehicle then start worrying about problems. Isn’t that backwards? It seems the thing to do is put reviews in your search engine before purchase or just drive the vehicle and follow maintenance schedule.

@galant well here’s my story lol I inderstand what you’re saying but I do still have 2 toyotas. I was just wanting a new car and I was going for the Camry again but the sonatas surprisingly trampled over the Camry in its drive, power, and luxury feel. Space in the sonata is HUGE. Since having a Toyota since I could drive I felt like I was betraying myself but I don’t feel like that anymore with my sonata.

Hyundai has really stepped up their game over the last decade or so. I remember a time not very long ago when Hyundai’s reputation hovered just barely above Yugo. Not the case any more.

They’re making good vehicles now. They aren’t going to be as rock-solid reliable as a Honda or a Toyota, but they also cost a lot less and many of them aren’t as boring.

Will you have problems? Yeah. That’s what the warranty is for. I don’t think I’ve ever had a car that hasn’t needed some sort of warranty work.

We have a 2012 Veloster in our garage. It’s had very minimal problems. The biggest problem was that the evap purge valve went bad and was replaced under warranty. It also got a new steering wheel because the cheap leather was peeling. They’re using a higher quality leather on the new ones. And it was one of the few with the mis-assembled sunroof, so it got a new one of those after failing the recall test.

You’ll probably have minor problems like that too, and most of them will probably happen within the warranty period. The Sonata is a good car. Enjoy driving it.

I do have a 2005 Camry. It has been reliable at 150K miles without major repairs. Now when I drive the Sonata and get back in the Camry I notice how bad the brakes are (normal for this gen Camry). Also he handling is all over the place. At this age, it would need new suspension, the VVTI gear sometimes gets stuck on start-up, the transmission is not as smooth (have serviced it regularly every 15K). I am not sure of the economics of keeping this car on the road past 160K miles. That is probably going to be true with any car.

I have owned many makes & models and they all have their flukes. At this point I try and research what I am buying, but don’t blindly just buy Toyota or Honda for reliability, because if it truns out not to be reliable, you are going to hate the car even more.

I bet there are Sonata forums out there that’ll have the info you want.

Lawd a Mercy… Which Toyota’s and Honda’s arent reliable ? I haven’t met that animal yet… Sure all vehicles have their bugaboos…but those two makes have less than most…and many are operator induced.

I think it was @ok4450 or @shadowfax that brought up an interesting practice when researching a new vehicle to buy… Look up the recall information for the specific flavor of vehicle… Thats a wealth of information many dont think about…why I dunno…but they dont.