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2015 Hyundai Sonata - Engine worries

Has the problem with the engine seizing been corrected? I am getting ready to buy a used 2015 Sonata and I was told today they are not too good after 50,000 miles, that they are not any good after that many miles. Is this true? Of course my Hyundai salesman would never tell a customer something like that right? It was a good friend who owns an auto repair shop . Should I reconsider another make of auto? Thanks so much .

Yes you should. If you are on the web asking about a certain brands problems then you should find something that does not make you have doubts. Just think how bad you would feel if the thing you bought had a serious problem shortly after you bought it. Your friend probably only sees ones with problems .

Open this link to Car Complaints

Based on what I see, I’d choose another car!

Just in case you missed it… the NHTSA link to 120 engine complaints!

Run Nell, RUN AWAY!