2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - Blue link on the blink

I have a 2015 Sante Fe and notice my BlueLink has kidnapped my radio by trying to load on the system and all vital information with my radio. I called blue link and they said they no longer update 2012 to 2015 with Blue link. Now I have blue link trying to upload on in my Sante fe with blue link trying to load and blinding my radio and everything else on my radio system. I also had headlight issues. My lights are still not working appropriately, but I have put up with it. Hyundai West out of Wichita are working my system as we speak. What happens is that the Bluelink is taken off the radio head. But you have to go through a process with Hyandai and Bluelink to remove it. Once it is removed all navigation and the luxuries of my car are taken away devaluing my car! This is happening to everyone. Because they are not updating due to the 2g, systems. If it would up to me they have issues with bluelink and stop selling this system with Hyundai. I now will never own another hyandai because we are not supported my Hyandai due to their issue. Technology has no updates for my nice car. Most dealerships now know what vehicle they are selling and need to disclose this to of the older models. My reccommendations are not to buy any Hyandai from 2012 to 2015 until they resolve this issue.

The problem w/that idea is pretty much all new car manufacturers continue a trend towards heavily tech-laden software-driven designs. They can only support the software for a certain number of years, not enough profit to bother to continue. If the car’s software changes for one component, but a corresponding software change is not available for another component, owner is pretty much out of luck. Unless it is possible to revert all the software components back to versions when it all worked. Since your car’s media system apparently requires 2G service, and since 2G service is presumably being discontinued, best bet is to just live w/it I expect.

2G and 3G are now obsolete and no longer supported

Hyundai is not the only car affected by this.


A couple automakers have an update available for cars that used 3G, MOST do not.

If your car has 2G, you are just out of luck.

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They should have thought of this before attaching this permanently. I have a great car. But let’s just go back to the basics then. It should been easier to replace.

Yep, they should have predicted this would happen. Where are all the fortune tellers when you need them?

Yep it’s not a phone you can replace it’s a car I owe $7000.00 on good luck to all the others! I am not letting this become our issue! This is a large lawsuit or a they need to replace our radios with updated equipment! :flushed:

Hyundai discontinued the service on 1/1/2023. See the link below for additional information. We had a similar system on our 2003 Olds Silhouette. Note that this is not an issue that Hyundai caused. Second generation (2G) cellular service is not available anymore. Only 4G (aka LTE) and 5G cellular services are available today. Updated telecommunications ended your service, not Hyundai. Also, you don’t need Bluelink to operate the Santa Fe.

Hopefully not! It just needs to be disconnected. Bluelink has been loading on my car. It has blinded my use for my heater, radio controls etc. The main problem is is getting this Bluelink off my radio head!

Didn’t you know that this is not a site for accurate information, such as what you posted?
Instead, this is a site for raw emotion, and complaints based on a lack of information.
Get with the program, man!


Car complaints !!

Did you not read the article Mr. Sanders posted ? You could call that number or use the web link and stop the Blue Link . Or even contact your local dealer for help.

As stated this is not Hyundai’s fault.

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Yeah, 2g killed my flip phone and on star. Oh the humanity. So the on star buttons in the car no longer work but you can use their app on a smart phone. I said no thanks. Been nice to know ya.

Discontinued Gen 1 Bluelink update. You must Gen 2 or you do not read.

You need to go after the cell phone companies, they are the ones that discontinued 2G and 3G service,

How were the car manufacturers supposed to know 10 years ago that this was going to happen?

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The discontinued telematics service did not cause audio system failures in other vehicles, if that is the cause, then this is a design flaw.

There have been “Loading” malfunctions reported before the 2G and 3G service shutdown so that might not be the cause of your problem;

Vehicle manufactures knew communication services would be changing but had already committed to a chosen technology and failed to keep up with the changes.

“According to the class action lawsuit, Hyundai knew about the shutdown of Bluelink 3G wireless years ago but didn’t tell customers. As early as 2010, Verizon announced it would transition its entire 3G network to 4G LTE.”

It caused car issues do you own a car? How old are you?

None of my cars have blue-link, so having difficulty understanding which are the most pertinent problems you are having. Suggest to clarify. For example, instead of “blue link has kidnapped my radio”, tell us what it is your radio is doing that you DON’T want it to; likewise what your radio isn’t doing that you DO want it to. If the media system requires 2G cell-phone service , and 2G is not longer available, not much you can do about that. But that shouldn’t prevent you from listening to radio etc. Definitely shouldn’t cause any issues with the headlights, if that’s what you mean by “lights not working”. So if you are having fundamental problems with driving & using your car, yes, you have a valid complaint. If your media system won’t do everything it used to do, but still provides the basic function, imo that’s just something you have to live with in this non-2G era; either that or buy a newer car.

Who are you asking and why does their age have anything to do with this ?

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Shut up if you can not answer a question! Quit trying to reboot me! Lol

Just to clarify, everyone here except a couple have cars or multiple cars. The exceptions still have cars but ride their bikes instead. Without evidence as ap would say.