2018 Hyundai Sonata - Wiring issue



I purchased my 2018 Sonata 5/2018. I took it in for it’s 1st check up & oil change 1/22/19 @ only 4k miles. They also did an ‘update’. As I drove home, the car was losing power. Took it back to the dealer who finally determined it needed a new major harness. Still waiting for my car 2/12/19. How bad is this? Potential future problems? Other thoughts? Thanks!


Bad enough to deprive you of your car.

Impossible to guess. I suspect this is a build quality issue - wiring harness damaged during assembly that is a part, not normally in stock, so there is a long wait. It may get fixed and the car will be great for you. Or it might have other problems.

You have a very long warranty and most states in the US have lemon laws that cover such things. You might want to research the lemon laws where you live just to see what YOU need to keep, note and collect to exercise them, just in case!


If the Hyundai manual for 2018 still says 7500 miles or 6 months, you have voided your engine warranty by waiting 8 months and two days.


Is Hyundai providing you a car to use gratis while yours is being repaired? If so, no worries, keep on piling the miles on their loaner at their expense while they fix your car. It’s a freebie!!

A wiring harness is nothing but a bunch of wires and connectors. If you need a new one, the only question to ask is why?, I guess. I mean they make the cars so shouldn’t they be also able to make a wiring harness that works for you car? Suggest you seek out more info on what exactly is wrong w/your old wiring harness and why it needs to be replaced. Normally a wiring harness problem can be addressed by repairing only the problematic section. I don’t see any info for the 2.4 L normally-aspirated engine on that topic. You don’t have the hybrid or turbo engine, right?