2009 Hyundai Santa Fe - Radio issue

The radio in my Santa Fe Limited 2009 starting to shut down intermittently about 2 years ago and it became more and more often. Now it has turned on for a few minutes twice in the last year. My boyfriend took it out, check the fuse and still not working. I see from many forums that this is a problem with hyundai. Anyone knows how to fix it.

You don’t repair radios anymore , you replace them and get more features at the same time.

Not possible on the Santa Fe, unless you custom design your own adapter/face plate.

Wouldn’t Crutchfield.com have a custom install kit?

Yes , Crutchfield seems to have a large selection . And I still think any stereo shop worth going to can replace this radio . Of course Danielle will just have to call a few in her area and find out.

I see that now, wonder what the heck I was looking at , at Crutchfied ?