2015 Hyundai Elantra glove compartment won’t open

glove compartment in elantra 2015 not opens

Not open when? When driving around? When you try and open it? You pull on the latch and it won’t open? Please explain.

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It’s possible the latch is jammed. See if a mechanic can open it.

I had that problem once, a piece of cloth had jammed the latch but the latch had not locked, a little extra force than normal and it opened.

Yeah, try it with a key to make sure it just isn’t locked, otherwise may have to force it open to see what the problem is. Likely the latch is just plastic though so probably going to need to order a new one. I ended up buying a junk yard cover and swapped the latch on it. Not much else you can do unless it is electric and just not activating which would be a fuse or an electrical problem.

Scrap that. Doesn’t appear to be a normal latch? How did it open before?