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2015 Hyundai Elantra trunk pops open on its own

just bought this car… was wondering if there were any problems with the trunk just opening by itself. also if there was any problems with lights not going off by themselves. read a few reports on this. not sure if it was for the 2015

Best to ask your question on a Hyundai forum.

Yes, the trunk will open spontaneously,but only if you accidentally hit the trunk release on your pocket fob, getting or out of the car… I’ve had no problems with the lights on my 2014 Elantra.

What are you under the impression that we’re here for? Everyone has a specific make/model of car. Sending them all to a specific make forum means this one would close down. That seems… Counterproductive.

OP, like @shoerags said, check and make sure there isn’t a key fob in a pocket or purse that’s getting its trunk button pressed by something. Also check to be sure there isn’t a key fob in the trunk - some cars will pop the trunk if they detect a key in it so that you don’t lock your key in the trunk.