2017 Toyota RAV4 - Stuck glove box

My glove compartment locks and i cant open it, and it does even have a lock

So, how do you get it open?

I took a look at our latch mechanism. It has a plasitic lock mechanism on the right and left. I do not see an easy way to get to them. Is there resistance when you pull on the handle to open it? If no, latch mechanism is broken, if yes it may be something stuck in the door, and pulling on the release while pushing in on the door and then prying from the top might work.

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On my Buick I just ended up forcing the door open and getting a new lock at the junk yard. Worst case you’ll break the plastic tabs but the dealer should still have new tabs and a new latch mechanism unless you can fix it once you get it open.

You may be able to reach up to the glove box itself and remove it. Sometimes it’s plastic that’s sprung into place, and if you squeeze it in the right places you can unhook it. Then you’ll see the door mechanism.

There is usually a creative way to open it unless I do it. Then I have to try hard to avoid breaking something. I’m sure it’s easy enough once you outsmart the job. I have a lot of odd shaped devices that could help; mostly from Harbor Freight. Car makers could fix the problem if the door was held closed with duct tape right from the factory.

My daughter stuffs her Rav4 glove box to the point it won’t pop right open, it is not stuck though. I press on the door a bit to relieve the pressure and it opens.