2015 Honda Odyssey - Jerks on highway

I seems like when I’m going slow or starting to go into the freeway and I step on the gas it jerks. It doesn’t go full gear.

Are you saying it hesitates or it doesn’t go into what folks used to call “passing gear”?

Is the Check Engine light on?


I doesn’t go into gear easily.

Okay, I’m going to assume it either doesn’t shift or it drops into neutral between gears. Either is a job for a good independent transmission shop.

I doesn’t shift or drops to neutral, it just doesn’t pick up velocity as fast as I wish or it should.

Okay, that could be a bad mass airflow sensor or throttle position sensor if your Odyssey has one. I’d normally expect the check engine light to be on. Have a good independent mechanic look it over.

Thank you, now to look for one. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, at least no yet! :worried:

How could either of those situations cause the transmission to “drop into neutral”, as the OP finally clarified for us? You were on target with your earlier advice:


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The OP also clarified that the transmission isn’t misbehaving, unless I’m misinterpreting this reply:

It sounds like the vehicle is just plain sluggish, which might be caused by a MAF sensor, throttle position sensor, or something else. Since the check engine light isn’t on it will take hands-on seat-of-the-pants diagnostic work.

I’m not quite sure how any of us–from afar–can make sense of…

:question: :question: :question:


^+1, which is why I recommended a hands-on diagnosis by a good independent mechanic.