2006 Honda Odyssey - Jerks on highway

So when I go to get on the highway and step on the gas to merge in my car like jerks until I let of the gas and then slowly accelerate, why is that

Could be a thousand reasons… just like you could be driving any one of a hundred different models of Hondas. How about trying to narrow things down a bit?

Is the check engine light on? Is it flashing at any time?

What engine size, transmission type - assume automatic, mileage on this Honda?


Does the engine rev differently when this happens? If so, does it shudder or have brief periods of increased revs?

Yea they’re is a check engine light, the code it threw was the oil pressure switch, it’s a 3.5L 2006 Honda odyssey, with 213,000 miles

It does shutter, but I only have this problem when I’m trying to smash the gas pedal to speed up quickly. It doesnt have increased revs at all

First thought is to get the check engine light read. Sounds like you already have.

How is the transmission? Have you checked the fluid, or changed it recently? These years of Odyssey were known to have transmission issues.

Have you changed the spark plugs, wires, or coils lately?

In general, with 213K miles on the clock and 14 years, there are a lot of possibilities.

Is this a manual transmission ?
Are you in a low enough gear?

Just replaced spark plugs,and coils when I did the timing belt and all that good stuff. I haven’t checked the tranny fluid but I got it out of the shop a week ago and the mechanic said everything is fine. But it’s weird, there’s no reason for the van to jerk, could it be the throttle cable?? I dont know

It’s an automatic

I’d check the transmission fluid, then. Both the quantity on the dipstick, and the color.

Not to sound stupid, I’ve never check tranny fluid, what’s it supposed to look like? I’ve only had the van for a month or so, and I’m still a youngster lol

What specific codes are associated with the CEL? I know you said oil pressure switch, but what numeric code?

Check the level of the transmission fluid. There should be a second dip stick going into the transmission. Pull that and see what the level is. Color should be red. If it is black and smells burned, then that’s a problem.

Can you post the actual code? Is it a P2646?? If it is, no VTEC. No VTEC, no power.

Post back and tell me if this is, or is not the code you have.

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My prime suspect would be the VVT system, and that is almost always related to lubrication issues, such as deferred oil changes.

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The code was p3400

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I think it’s yellow actually…for some reason Honda went with Orange for oil and yellow for transmission (mine is an 05, and I’m 98% sure those are the colors…). (Edit, I looked up the owners manual for the 06, and I was correct. Oil is orange and transmission is yellow, see my post below)

Either way @Trever1243 the oil dipstick will be central in the engine compartment, and the transmission dipstick will be the one on the drivers side of the engine compartment

not a stupid question. If you check your owners manual (the most under read book in production…) (http://techinfo.honda.com/rjanisis/pubs/OM/AH/AHJ0606OM/enu/HJ0606OM.PDF), it will give you the exact procedure to check it (looks like page 340 in my link). You’ll want to be parked on level ground, and the engine needs to be at normal operating temperature before you turn it off to check the transmission fluid level. You’ll check it just like the oil, pull the dipstick, wipe it off, put it back in the entire way, then pull it again and check the level. If the level is low and you need to bring it up (and this is incredibly important with Honda Automatic transmissions), make sure you only use Honda specified Automatic Transmission Fluid. I would actually purchase it at the dealership just to make sure you have the correct fluid. Honda’s automatic transmissions are extremely picky when it comes to the correct ATF. When you check it, let us know the level, whether it smells burnt, and what color it is (feel free to take and upload a picture too!)

P3400… you may be driving a 3 or 4 cylinder engine because of the P3400 code. Not surprised you have a lack of power.

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Do I just replace what the code says? Then I’ll have all 8 back?