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2015 Honda Fit - Peeling paint

I have a 2015 Honda Fit and the paint peeled off in pieces near the rear door when i was washing it! I think it will keep peeling if i continue to wash it. Honda should cover this. Do they? What should I do about this? Thanks

I don’t think a 3 year old car should have peeling paint, but I’m just some guy on the internet.

Take it into Honda and ask them. Don’t get nasty and threaten them but explain that you don’t think this is right an they should cover the cost on an obvious defect. If the dealer says No, contact the Honda zone representative. The dealer will have their contact info. Be persistent. Good Luck!


Thank you for your advice.

Is the car still under warranty?

How do you typically wash the car?

I’d also go to a body shop and see if they have an opinion on what happened. Your car might have been contaminated with a chemical where the paint is peeling off.

What does your owners manual say about paint being covered under warranty?

I don’t know which panel near the rear door you are referring to but if it is the rear bumper cover it may have been replaced or repainted, if so the warranty, if any would be with the company that did the repair work.

I’m responding to everyone here -
The paint is coming off under the back passenger window. Just past warranty by 2 months. I took it to the dealer and they contacted Honda and i’m waiting to hear back from them. I’ll go to a body shop next. I usually wash it at home with soap and water. Occasionally thru Costco car wash.
Thanks for the advice.

The dealer mentioned the door may have been replaced. I should hear back from them soon.

If this is the dealer you bought the vehicle from ( apparently you are not the original owner ) see if they will print out a Carfax report just to see if their is a body shop repair listed.

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I have seen other makes and models with peeling paint. I think sometimes auto makers get a bad batch of paint from their suppliers. Maybe you or a Honda dealer can do some recall research.

What kind of soap?


Did you buy this car used then? If so, the original owner having a fender bender requiring a spot re-paint is a pretty likely explanation for a paint problem on a 3 year old car. Sometimes a manufacturer will discover they had a paint problem when they built the car originally. That happened w/ my Corolla when I purchased it new years ago. But that sort of problem almost always shows up in the first year, not three years later.

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dish soap or car soap. not a lot either way.

Yes it was certified by Honda. i’ll continue looking into possible paint problems. It seems there are certain models that have known paint problems.
Thanks for the information

I’m checking on the recalls. Honda is supposed to get back to me soon. There are certain models that seem to have known paint problems.

Have you dropped by a good body shop for their opinion? They are experts on paint, probably nobody at the dealer is (they often contract out body work).

I plan on taking it to one. I thought i’d wait to see if they’ll cover it first. If they do then i’ll be taking it to the one they use. if not then i’ll start that search…

Dish soap is often used when someone specifically wants to remove any wax. Obviously that’s not what you normally want to do, so I suggest that you stick with car soap.

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For Honda recalls by vin number, click below. The vin number is usually printed on the car’s annual registration certificate. It can also be found on most cars by standing outside the car in front of the driver’s side windshield, and looking through the windshield at the driver’s side dashboard area.

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