2015 Honda CR-V transmission fluid interval

How often or how many miles does this car require a transmission fluid change?

Your manual has a service schedule in it.

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It’s not so simple . . .

Your vehicle uses letters and numbers to denote which service is being called for

The letter comes first, either A or B

A is just an oil change, B is an oil change plus inspection(s) of various items

Then a number follows the letter

3 means an automatic transmission fluid change is required. Use ONLY HCF-2. There is more than one kind of Honda transmission fluid out there. Just get it at the dealer, when it’s due. There is a footnote which basically describes severe service driving, and it would be due every 25,000 miles, which is short distance, stop and go, lots of idling, towing, etc. A lot of people fall into that category. Better safe than sorry.

Your owner’s manual will tell you which buttons to press to see what service is required.

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