2015 Honda CR-V - transmission failure

My 2015 Honda CRV just failed on Friday. It seemed fine earlier in the day then it started to shake and make noise by the evening. Had it towed to the dealership and was told that there’s metal shavings in the oil and a new transmission is needed. It has 110K miles. I have owned 6 Honda’s and never had problems. I’ve always had my cars serviced at the dealership. I wondered if anyone lease has experienced similar issues with this car.

Your maintenance record may well play a role here. I change my trans fluid every 30k miles, and have never had a transmission failure on any of my cars, even up to mileage as high as 160k. On the other hand, I know a few people who never changed their trans fluid, and most of them experienced transmission failure somewhere between 100k-130k miles, although a couple of them did escape this problem.

How often was the trans fluid–and filter–changed?

The transmission service was performed in May. The car has had all services. That’s why we’re perplexed.

That should have been the third fluid & filter change. If it was the only time that the fluid was changed, it may have been a case of too little/too late.

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The 2015 CRV should have the CVT “transmission”. They are more prone to failure and also more sensitive to regular maintenance. Seems like you are out of warranty, so only Honda’s good will to ask for here.

Thanks all.

Honda has a legacy of transmission issues. In the 2003-2004 era, a long list of models with the FWD five-speed auto had failures, including some Acura models. The Accord and Odyssey had the most failures. Honda eventually issued a recall of sorts to help drivers. I suggest you keep your receipts in case they do that for your vehicle. Honda did offer refunds for owners of failed transmissions in the past when they later did a recall.

Metal shavings in the oil or the transmission fluid? If it’s the former, then you have engine as well as transmission problems.

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The diagnosis changed after I called corporate. Now it’s the fuel injectors for $1300. How likely is that.

That’s quite a leap from transmission failure to fuel injector problems…? I think I’d be trying to get more details, and probably a second opinion.


It’s exceedingly unlikely that a bad fuel injector would put metal shavings into the oil.

So assuming you understood them correctly both times, either they were lying then, or they’re lying now.


The causes are so diametrically opposed I have to think there is a serious misunderstanding going on.

As for the injectors failing, the odds of all of them failing is zero IMO. If all of the injectors are not working then the injector power source and whether they’re being pulsed by the PCM should be checked.


Take it to another shop. With a 2015 model, you don’t have to take it to the dealer.

Get another opinion. It sounds to me like the place is shooting in the dark for any expensive repair. They probably want you to trade it in for a new one.

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Thanks we plan to do that.