2005 Honda CRV trans

Recently, I had to replace the transmission on my 2005 Honda CRV. It only had 52,000 miles. I bought it a little over a year ago at 35,000 miles. Had clean carfax, single owner, looked like the perfect used car.

So, $3300 later I need to know why on earth a Honda trans died. Has anyone heard of such a thing? My mechanic and then the trans specialist were both astounded. They see that sort of thing around 150k miles, not 50k.

Honda is doing a recall on its 2007 -10 trans and the problem sounded incredibly similar.

Any insight anyone?

Does it have a tow hitch? Or can your mechanic spot the signs that it used to have a hitch? If it was used for towing, that could chew up the transmission pretty fast, depending on what was towed and what maintenance was (not) provided.

Good idea, but nope. That’s one of the reasons I bought it as it was so pristine. None of the usual (inside or out) nicks, scrapes, stained carpet of used cars.

There are a very large number of reasons that one might need to replace a transmission. I think that if you want any good insight, then folks will need to know the failure mode - i.e. exactly what was wrong with the transmission.