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2015 Honda CR-V trans fluid

I removed 4.5 quarts of transmission fluid from my 2015 CR V all wheel drive CVT transmission. I can only refill 3.5 quarts. Why won’t the transmission take another quart?

It needs to be driven and rechecked for level. There are passages that were fill with oil that won’t be refilled until the pump fills them.

That’s very typical of automatic transmissions. As long as you are using genuine Honda ATF and it’s at the correct level, you’ve done the right thing.

Do this procedure another 2 times and you will have changed the fluid completely.

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Well, closer to completely. You’ll never get it all. 3.5 to 1 ratio of new to old is probably adequate. Additional drains and refills offer decreasingly significant benefits, but cost the same as the one you’ve already done. I wouldn’t bother but that’s one person’s opinion. It’s your car.

Thank you. I will drive it some more, try a refill, and list the results.

You actually measured the 4.5 quarts you removed, or is that the rated capacity?

There may be a procedure to follow to get the ATF properly circulated before you check its level. I don’t know just what Honda says. For my Chrysler minivan it has to do with a warmup drive, then idling with the brake on and shifting from gear to gear for a while, then turning off engine, etc…

my toyo trans also is supposed to drain 4.5 qts. but only 3.5 came out. so i had the opposite problem

This is the Honda recommended procedure.


Hey… imagine that @tcmichnorth I might be onto something or have done this before…Hmmm LOL


Is that the recommended procedure for CVTs? I used to own a 2005 Accord EX V6 with a 5 speed auto trans, and that is the procedure for that transmission. That procedure was even in my owner’s manual! Unfortunately, there is no maintenance info in the owner’s manual for my 2017 Accord EX-L with the 4-cyl and CVT.

My mistake. CRVs before 2012 has the 3 time drain method. Starting in 2012 they switched to the CVT transmission. The CVT is just drain and fill one time.