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07 corolla trans fluid change

I just changed my corolla trans fluid for the first time. the owners manual said a drain and fill take 3 quarts of T IV trans fluid. I purchased 3qts of T IV but more than 3 qts came out so I am about 8 to 12 oz. short. All of the toyota dealers are closed to day so I can not buy any until tomorrow. can I drive it this way for one day without hurting anything or should I put some of the old trans fluid back in?

Neither. You should wait until tomorrow morning, get a ride to get more fluid, then come home and top it off.

All that after you call in late for the day.

Oh, heck…what’s the level on the stick? Is there even a stick to check?

I thought they went to the WS fluid in 05. There should be some sort of parts place open near you that will have a suitable type IV that meets Toyota’s requirements. Mixing them shouldn’t cause a problem.

As you learned, you always want to have an extra quart or two on hand. You usually come up short going by the book or can spill one.

Usually, you can be down one pint (16 oz) without a problem but check your manual first. Check the level properly-whether it says hot or cold, and in park etc. to get an accurate reading. If it is within the add mark, you should be ok. Just pay attention to the operation of the transmission to make sure it doesn’t slip. Absolutely don’t put old stuff back in after going to all that work.

It takes 3.5 qt if you drain from the plug. If you drop the pan, it takes 4.1 qts. The Corolla still used the 4 speed in 05 so it still uses T4 fluid.