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1997 CR-V transmission slipping?

My daughter’s 97 CR-V has had this issue since we bought it but I figured I would ask here to see what you think the issue is.

Transmission shifts perfectly fine into 2nd and 3rd gear. However, when shifting into 4th gear, normally around 40 MPH or so, the engine will rev up before it drops down into the gear. It normally takes a second or two to drop into gear. Is the transmission slipping or is this some sort of engine torque issue?

Since this has been happening since we bought the car is it likely to cause an issue later? I have never done a full flush and fill on the transmission fluid, do you think that might be the issue? TIA!

It won’t get better on its own. Opinions vary - I would do a drain and refill. If the bottom can come off and the filter be replaced, a look-see in there may provide some clues. In any case use only genuine Honda fluid.

OK, I will do that. It uses 3 quarts, correct? Since the transmission doesn’t slip out of gear is this still considered to be a slipping transmission or some other issue?

That’s a clear explanation. Stick with it. “Slips” is too vague. I’d say it is a trans issue and not an engine issue. IDK how much fluid you’d need. If you buy quarts at the Honda dealer be sure you can return any unopened ones. I’d study my Haynes manual and a few online sources before going ahead with it - or take it to a Honda dealer who’ll know all about it.

It takes 3.3 quarts for a drain and refill. The filter to change is not in the transmission. It is on the transmission line. It is located in the center of the vehicle, just behind the lower part of the radiator. Some recommend to change it 2 or 3 times with a hundred or so miles between changes. It is important to only use the designated Honda transmission fluid. The dealer will give you the correct stuff.

OK, I’m going to do a couple flush and fills to see if that helps using genuine Honda ATF.

To be accurate: you are doing drain and fill, not flush and fill. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

New filter, too? Kinda nice having it outside the trans!

Yes, a drain and fill is what I meant. What is the difference with a flush and fill? I didn’t plan on changing the filter but I can if it is easy. Is there a video or a tutorial that walks you through a filter change? I have done plenty of oil and filter changes, brake bleeds, etc, but never messed with a transmission filter.

A flush is when they pump fluid with a machine to flush the whole system. Most technicians shy away from this procedure.
The filter should always be changed when you change fluid. There are videos to help you through it. There’s just one bolt that unclamps the bracket that holds it in. It’s kinda hard to get to. I ended up taking the whole bracket off, then taking the one bolt out. It’s not hard though, and I would highly recommend changing it.

Sorry, but when searching for the part for this it says you have to remove and disassemble the transmission to replace the filter. Is that not true?

Above may be the in line filter. The internal one is different and seems to require major surgery to replace.

The one in the transmission is unserviceable. The line filter is the one to replace.

Why is it that when I search Amazon, Autozone, etc., the only one that comes up is the one inside the transmission? I don’t want to buy the wrong thing. I guess I’ll look at her car to try and figure out where it is and what part I need.

Can you cite anywhere where this is true?

I don’t know of a single shop that shies away from this procedure.

Every shop I know has a transmission flush machine and uses it…


There’s one filter for this transmission, and it’s inside the transmission.


thanks, that is what I am finding. I’ll do a couple drain and fills and call it a day. If it still slips going into 4th gear then I’ll just ride it out I guess.,ss:44&prmd=sivn&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:469392862079802637,paur:ClkAsKraX0bNKlcfu3EepGysyZ1mAth8OWEeB5qTYNmXfIqoTRnzDtQYpAroC07b7pqQFJhf03EVFmFIy0X7upKRlq1AliJoPcIdaWRXkhSgIT-DxG3cQ7KStRIZAFPVH71idePvJ5yl1lYwnvCGOfBR61jKEQ,prmr:1,pid:469392862079802637,cs:1

The dealer will also have it.

We have a 97 CRV, it doesn’t say it will fit a 97.,1997,cr-v,2.0l+l4,1303221,transmission-automatic,filter,8600;et=2%2C5)&Keywords=transmission+filter


right, doesn’t look like an easy in-line filter swap so I’m not going to mess with it.