2015 Honda Civic Sdn - All kinds of issues

I am leasing my 2015 Honda Civic. Never been so happy I didn’t buy it outright. Among various other problems, on 4/JAN/2020 while trying to accelerate up a steep hill, I got back-to-back instantaneous system warnings for the power steering, the hill start assist system, VSA system, and TPMS system. During 20 days, the shop dont find the cause of the problem, but, the car was fonctionnal and I paid 3 000$. Today 12 feb 2020, the problem restatrt with the same symptoms. WA

You still have a 2015 on lease ? How long of a lease do you have ?

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Accelerating up a hill loads the engine so much that even a minor problem that had no symptoms otherwise might show up as a repeating misfire. That will often cause the computer to turn off everything not absolutely neeeded, like the VSA, TPMS etc. When that happens the dash warning lights for those functions turn on to warn you they aren’t enabled. But the problem usually isn’t any of those functions. It’s usually something like a loose wire or cracked coil, faulty spark plug, something like that.

A misfire usually throws diagnostic codes aplenty. Were there any codes?