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2005 Honda Civic Scary Unintended Acceleration

Hi, I have a scary problem with my 2005 Civic Coupe HX CVT that the dealer can’t resolve - my car drives forward and even accelerates when my foot’s not on the gas! This is a recipe for disaster, especially since I live in a cold climate and there’s so much ice and snow in winter.

I thought at first I must be crazy. So I’ve tested it by taking my foot off the gas going up a small incline, and Voila! It drives up the hill! It also can drive around the block by itself! It’s like the energizer bunny, and I’m scared to drive it anymore.

The dealer has no clue why this is happening and can’t seem to replicate the problem. I’ve brought it in more than once, too.

It happens most often when my car’s been parked for awhile, say 6 hours or more, and if it’s really cold outside, say less than 32 degrees outside. Also the heater’s usually on when it happens, but that may be incidental since it’s usually cold when the problem occurs…

I googled this and found lots of complaints of this in Hondas, but couldn’t really find any solutions. I was thinking I should report this to the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Also, There’s a whine that sounds like a belt that gets loud when the air conditioner runs and also if it’s really rainy. I’ve taken it in to the dealer a couple different times and they fix it, but then the sound comes back again. Could this be related?

Any help would be much appreciated - I’m at my wits end because I just don’t know how to get this fixed.


Sounds to me like your high idle may be set… well… High… The high idle is there to warm the motor up in cold weather. What RPM is you car idleing at when cold? What about after it warms up??

I agree with gsragtop. If your brakes and neutral work on your transmission you will have no problem with unintended acceleration. You need to get that high idle problem addressed however because it can cause undue stress and wear on your drivetrain.

Try another dealer!

Thanks all!!