2015 civic odd acceleartion

40k miles. Bumper to bumper is over. Has 50k powertrain warranty. Wifey says it has accelerated oddly for 10 months or so. She hits gas and no go. Sorta mentioned it today. Hmm. No dash lights. What would dealer say? If it does not exhibit issues when they look at it?

Accelerator pedal position sensor?



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Pedal assy is not covered under power train. Is it?

CVT starting to slip ?

I don’t know but I suspect the Honda dealer can answer that for you.

My guess is No , not covered.

When this happens, is it related to anything else?

  • Engine coolant temperature hot vs cold?
  • Accelerating from full stop? Or accelerating from a certain speed?
  • Accelerating after coasting? Accelerating to go uphill, after a downhill?

I drove it 400 miles on trip last month. Zero issues. Drove it last week about 50miles on hwy mostly with a few lights. Zero issues. I have never felt odd shifting from the cvt trans.

I recently drove a 2019 Corolla, presumably hosting their CVT. I did notice a sort of “thud” sensation at times when first pressing on the pedal after coasting. The “thud” was accompanied by a short delay (1/10 second or so) before the acceleration actually started. I presume this is a normal thing for the configuration, but it seemed sort of unusual, unexpected, like something broken or about to break when it occurred.

I do notice a 1-2 sec delay when shifting from park to rev. Always has done it. Might even do it from rev-forward. Once moving I have never felt a hesitation from a coast situation to throttle application. Wifey says it is a coasting/crawl situation to punching it. Like it goes to neutral sort of feeling. I have never seen it

if she is flooring it, the VTEC system takes a moment to detect the throttle position and angle the cams before revving the engine. It’s “drive-by-wire,” so three may be a slight control input lag with the accelerator. They also seem to be prone to transmission issues.

Have you checked the transmission fluid level?

Is this happening in very hot weather with the AC cranking?
It could be the knock sensor pulling back the timing.

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