95 Civic, 60,000 miles, hates going up hills and changing gears


Hi there,

Whenever I try to match traffic on the interstate while going up a hill, my 1995 honda civic (automatic) struggles when maintaining speed, lurching alarmingly when shifting gears (or at least I think it’s shifting gears). It also does it when I attempt to accelerate sharply on a level road. Sound like a transmission problem?

Also, if you’re reading this and are a person who gave me such helpful advice when my timing belt went out, thank you! Was going below 2000 rpm so no valves were bent. (Hooray!)

Is this the same car that lost the timing belt?  How long ago was that.  When did this problem start? 

Do you have normal or near normal power at lower speeds, but seem to loose the power at higher speeds?


You’re right about the higher speeds thing. In-town 30mph driving is all right, but once I hit those hills on I25 (or want to pass someone, etc.) the struggle starts.

And if you’re talking about a car whose timing belt broke last week and whose owner made a post asking for reassurance because of the car’s interference engine, then that’s me. But the lurching problem now has been going on for awhile… and getting more and more noticeable. It reminds me of driving a big old utility van, not the zippy little honda civic it should be. And you’re right - the struggle starts above 30mph or so. In town’s no problem, but once I hit those hills on I25 (or want to pass someone, etc.)…

I got this car a couple weeks ago from my aunt whose mechanic seems to have overlooked a fair few things; timing belt, for sure. Spark plugs, distributor cap, and rotor probably, as well. Could this just be a simple case of old plugs?


Oops. sorry for redundancy up there. Shouldn’t leave a room in the middle of posting…